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We should choose flowers according to the living conditions.Some live on the first floor,so there will be places for planting flowers in front of and behind the building.What some lives is the building that has a veranda,but the direction that the veranda faces is different,the condition of sunlight also differs.Some people live in small house,which may only have a small window for sunlight.And according to the light preference,flowers can be classified in to three kinds,they are heliophilous ornamental flowers,shade ornamental flowers,neutral flowers .

Heliophilous ornamental flowers must grow under complete sunlight and can not tolerate shady environments,such as pomegranate,Chinese rose,cactus,etc.This kind of flower is suitable for planting in the sunny south veranda or the open space in front of the building.

hade ornamental flowers can not tolerate strong direct sunlight,only under moderate shade can grow well,such as scindapsus aureus,philodendron,begonias,etc.These are suitable for indoor verandas and near low-light windowsills.

Neutral flowers,their sunlight requirement is between heliophilous ornamental flowers and shade ornamental flowers.They generally prefer full sunlight,but can grow well under slight shade,such as hemerocallis fulva,columbine,platycodon grandiflorum,etc.These flowers are suitable for planting in the place of moderate sunlight,such as inside verandas,north verandas,a little shade in the front of the building.

Only according to the sunlight situation,to choose flowers for planting can make flowers grow better in your own house,and bring a warm atmosphere to the house.



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